Sliding Scale Fees

At Unison Mental Health, we ensure affordability through a sliding scale fee structure for therapy services. Our commitment to flexibility allows adjustments in fees based on changing financial situations without requiring proof of income.

Clinical Psychologist Services: Services with our clinical psychologist are billed according to published rates from ADF, Open Arms, BUPA, and other related organizations’ annual fee schedules.

Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Relationship Therapists: All sessions will be billed according to our sliding scale fee structure. If you have private health cover please let us know when you fill out the intake form and we will ensure that the invoice reflects the correct policy. 

Full-Fee Policy: Payments are due within 7 days of invoicing and before your next scheduled therapy appointment. Medicare rebates apply only to eligible psychologist sessions, and private health insurance coverage varies by plan and provider. Click here for more details

NDIS Participants: We accept NDIS participants and all NDIS sessions are billed according to established NDIS rates.

Mental Health Care Plan: The out-of-pocket rate (after rebate) is equal to our tier 1 fee on the sliding scale ($176). Once the Mental Health Care Plan sessions have been exhausted, additional sessions are billed according to the sliding scale- this ensures you will never experience a major hike in rates if you need sessions beyond those covered by your Mental Health Care Plan.

Concession Rates: Limited concession rates are available for healthcare cardholders and full-time students, subject to a waiting list.

At Unison, we are dedicated to supporting your mental health journey by making our services as accessible and accommodating as possible. If you have any questions regarding our fees or services, please reach out directly at

($ of combined income)
(50 min)
Two attendees
(65 min)
Three or more attendees
(75 min)
Tier 1
Less than < $55k$176$215$292
Tier 2
Between $55k – $120k$220$275$385
Tier 3
Between $120k – $180k$264$363$462
Tier 4
More than > $180k$298$440$660
*Please note: 
– An additional charge of $20 applies to all in-person sessions
– Sessions lasting longer than the standard time noted above are subject to a prorated fee

Cancellation Policy: Sessions for individual or relationship therapy at Unison Mental Health can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Please email us or manage your appointments via the Halaxy portal.

If a client no-shows or cancels within the 24-hour window, the full session fee may be charged automatically via the saved credit card.

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