podcast series

Harm Reduction & Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Explore key insights into mental health treatments in this engaging podcast featuring a conversation between Meg and Cory, an experienced psychotherapist.

They discuss the complexities of mental health care, the integration of innovative treatments, and the vital role of support systems in recovery. This podcast is ideal for healthcare professionals and anyone interested in mental health advancements.

Topics Covered:

Psychotherapy and Leadership:
Insights into the active role of a psychotherapist and the dynamics of leading a mental health team. Healthcare System Comparisons: Differences and adjustments between U.S. and Australian healthcare systems concerning mental health.

Motivations in Mental Health:
Personal and professional experiences that drive individuals to specialize in mental health care.

Integration in Recovery:
Challenges of reintegrating into everyday life post-treatment and the importance of supportive environments.

Stigma and Education:
The need for public education to reduce stigma and integrate new therapies like psychedelics into mainstream care.

Group Therapy’s Impact:
The benefits of shared experiences in group therapy settings and their influence on patient recovery.

Innovative Mental Health Treatments:
Discussion on the potential of psychedelic therapies and other innovative approaches to enhance treatment outcomes.

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